Spring 2017


Soft, faded and washed out colours together with stronger accent colours and whimsical whites create a breezy and a beautiful spring 2017.We love the contrast of East meets West. Fashion meets tradition. Old handwork tecniques meets modern fabrics. We love to work with our hand embroidery team when developing our collections.  The agent craft of making beautiful garments is passed from generation to generation. From father to son. From mother to daughter. There is a Beautiful Stories woman. She has seen life’s ups and downs and come through themthem all wiser. She knows her mind and is living life on her own terms. She is the woman we aspire to be : succesful, uncompromising and never more relevant than now. There is an ease to her that is alluring - both in the way she dresses and how she expresses herself. She embodies a world of new possibilities, where women are doing it for themselves and nothing is out of reach.

We Love What We do.