Life is like a painted colorful CANVAS.

It consists of many BEAUTIFUL STORIES.

Each person has a tale to tell.

Each garment we make plays a part in their story and

at the same time they tell our story and the

story of the crafts people that made them.

This is a modern love affair.

Be a part of a beautiful story...

Spread The Love.

Spring 2016 " Teaser " Photo-shoot in Reykjavik

Winter 2015 Look-book

The winter 2015 is called " A Portrait of a Gipsy Lady ". We imagined how a modern Gipsy woman would be, what she would wear, what music she would play and what rock start she would date. This woman is the one. We have women like  this in Reykjavik. They hang out on cafes, play guitars and seem to be without a care in the world. We LOVE to make clothes for women that want to feel free, beautiful and alive.


Spring 2016 preview

The spring 2016 is called " From Reykjavik with Love ". This season we continue our journey in creating the wonderful mix and contrasts of colours, shades, embroideries and prints. We Love to work on different effects and techniques of handwork on fabrics and throw in colours we Love. 


  Spring 2015

Spring 2015

  Accessories Winter 2015

Accessories Winter 2015

Our endless love affair with details / Spring 2016 handwork

  The Beautiful Stories Flagship Store

The Beautiful Stories Flagship Store